New gun, new avenues, rocket jumping and much more.

Just like a headless bomber crying from a hidden bush, Serious Sam 2 was ambushed by an explosive new upgrade 15 years following its first launch.

The patch introduces a brand new BeamGun (according to a theory from the first Serious Sam) and flamethrower, along with 12 previously unreleased multiplayer arenas.

The upgrade was led up by modder-turned-Croteam programmer Nathan”DwK” Brown, who pitched the upgrade while there had been a spare moment throughout the development of Serious Sam 4.

“I had a while following Sam 4 had been released and was searching through the Serious Sam 2 Steam discussion posts and that I believed the game could use a little love,” Brown wrote in a quick Q&A. “it is a fantastic game. It is the match that actually turned me into a game programmer. I proposed a very simple patch. I had been told to devote some real time on it, possibly add a few choices from my InSamnity! 2 mod”

It is an overhaul which appears to radically change how Serious Sam 2 basically plays, and ought to produce the game worth a revisit. Luckily, in addition, it includes a fantastic deal of bug fixes and changes to make the sport more attractive in 2021, upscaling UI components and fonts for somewhat less eloquent on contemporary displays.

Serious Sam 2 is now 20 percent off Steam as part of this string’ 20th Anniversary sale, using a totally remastered soundtrack place to strike Steam and loading platforms”shortly”.


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