Square Enix asserts that repairs are incoming.

If you are trying hard to stay attached to Outriders pals playing console, you are not alone. Square Enix has submitted a message to Reddit requesting players to not try PC/console crossplay before a fix was released.

This ends in a backend mismatch that induces players to be pumped from a multiplayer game which comprises both Console and PC players”

The article adds:”If you invite a Console participant in your PC game through an invitation code (or vice versa), the sport will initially link, but one participant will eventually be kicked from this sport. We highly recommend against doing so until we’ve patched all variations of this game”

Many gamers have reported difficulties logging into the sport within the previous 24 hours. “We’ll offer news on it’s launch after we’re ready to.” In the meantime and Epic gamers ought to have the ability to play with together.

Connection issues are very common when fresh multiplayer games emerge, provided the abrupt surge of attention that communicates the discharge, but it seems like there are other issues at the present time on PC, such as irregular performance.

“We know of a problem with our DX12 execution which may lead to PC players to experience issues, a hard crash or shader cache problems because of an overloaded CPU.” States Square Enix. “We’re exploring this desperately and aspire to deliver a settlement in the not too distant future.” You may get a listing of workarounds within this Reddit article , and official upgrades on other topics, including fuzzy visuals and objects falling throughout the map, even in this roundup.

The issues have led to a’combined’ reception .


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