In Addition, Entirely Accurate Battlegrounds goes free-to-play.

This year, instead of pranks or japes, Landfall has observed that the day by hammering ragdoll physics sandbox wargame Entirely Precise Battle Simulator to version 1.0.

Since it loses its Early Access label, Entirely Accurate Battle Simulator gains two new factions, two new maps, two new campaigns, and multiplayer–both online and local –a much-requested attribute that Landfall had kept secret till today.

Not satisfied with this, Landfall additionally used April Fool’s to declare that Entirely Accurate Battlegrounds has gone free-to-play on Steam, then to launch a totally new game called Rounds. Rounds is a one-v-one platformer duel in which the participant who loses every round profits an update. There are more than 65 of these, including one which turns your own weapon to some shotgun and a single which only makes you real large (and provides you bonus wellness ). Rounds can also be accessible on Steam.


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