Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has opened Broken Fang Premier–the most aggressive matchmaking mode previously available only to those who’d purchased the Broken Fang passto most players. The Premier mode’s big addition is the introduction of a pick/ban stage at the start of every match, wherever your teammates shout things like”not Dust please” and”I stop if ve choose Overpass” over alternative voting rounds.

One caveat is that non-Prime gamers won’t be matched into the Premier manner. After CS: GO went free-to-play, all gamers who had paid for the match automatically gained’Prime’ accounts, while those who start in the F2P variant can either pay to get a Prime upgrade or wait till they reach level 21 to acquire the standing (the idea being to set a paywall/timewall facing throwaways and smurfs). So almost everybody is able to play Premier mode, unless you have just begun.

Operation Broken Fang is supposed to run until April 30th, therefore there is approximately a month left to finish its various missions and rack up the rewards. I’ve been having a tremendous time , and Premier mode is the icing on the cake once you have got a team together, so fill your boots.

The full release notes for the patch would be here, continuing the regular pace of upgrades throughout Broken Fang, which in my mind is the very best overhaul CS: GO has had yet. As well as serious quality-of-life improvements, this season has also seen the programmers leaning into a community silliness, like the badly-drawn decal capsule.

This latest release also comes with a little community nod:”Adjusted Zeus feel to see Zeus X-27. For the record, this sounds like a Zeus skin.” The Zeus is a handheld taser and one of the few elements of the game that does not have skins: therefore, fans always ask for Zeus skins, and there is a twitter account devoted to calling them. It only goes to show: Valve is listening, even if its responses arrive with a helping of humor.


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