The armada of free upgrades from Hello Games continues.

Not two weeks have passed since No Man’s Sky’s final free upgrade, which added Volume Impact’s Normandy to a fleet for a frigate. And there is already another upgrade to Hi Games’s space exploration sandbox.

It is named Prisms, and it is a fairly hefty visual overhaul for No Man’s Sky. Prisms includes features such as:

Rain which refracts light and leaves surfaces seem wet and glistening
New lighting effects in caves
Fur for alien critters
A nighttime sky speckled with thousands of new stars
Brand New effects when you use your hard drive
Volumetric lighting effects in space and ship station insides
What better way to enjoy new visuals than in the back of a giant monster that is alien?

With so much new things to gawp at, No Man’s Sky’s photograph style has gotten some updates too, with greater controls for depth of field and blossom.

Remember that a number of the visual improvements will be dependent on your own PC’s specs and if you are already utilizing Ultra settings. Nonetheless, it’s still a very long list of attributes including some welcome technology enhancements such as display distance reflections (SSR), DLSS (in case you’ve got an Nvidia RTX card), parallax occlusion mapping, refractions such as cockpits and glass base components, particle effect enhancements, and much more.


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