Riot’s shooter has shown it is indeed aggressive.

“An average of over 14 million PC gamers from all over the world log on every month to play” that the PC-only shot, and above the match’s very first year have dipped in more than half a billion games.

For comparison’s sake, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had only under 27 million gamers past month, therefore in one year Valorant has gained more halfway to matching the player count of a string which has existed for more than two years (Counter-Strike was made in 1999 and has observed many iterations–CS: GO is the newest, and published in 2012). By any metric which is some moving.

Riot also marked the event by declaring Valorant Mobile, though with no particulars. This could make it one of the only aggressive FPSes using a cellular version (that is not a battle royale).

“One of the greatest targets this initial year was supposed to make the confidence and respect of this international FPS community, and also to prove to those who Valorant will constantly uphold the essentials of a really rewarding competitive tac-shooter,” explained Anna Donlon, executive producer of this match. That is a small motif with Riot’s public pronouncements about the match: eternally emphasising the perceived differentiation between itself as a public-facing programmer and also the more reticent Valve, the keeper of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

N that notice, Valorant also looks healthy as an esport.

Valorant has been PC Gamer’s greatest multiplayer game of 2020, also has put such a large bar even Counter-Strike was taking note .


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