The Government has taken a day to refute the theory launched by Podemos about the “fingerprint” awards to organize the NATO summit. What they did not expect in the purple ranks is that the denial would come from their own leader in the Council of Ministers. Yolanda Díaz has distanced herself this Tuesday from the accusations made by Ione Belarra’s party, which criticizes the celebration of the event in our country and who for the moment rules out attending.

In the last hours, the sit-in and the criticism of Podemos had increased the tension within the Government, but now the friction already affects the heart of the purple coalition. “This contract was approved in terms of legality in a Council of Ministers and the file is available to Spanish society. I insist, it meets all the legal requirements,” the second vice president clarified on Tuesday, who has distanced herself from the criticism of Podemos launched this Monday during the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Spain’s entry into NATO, an act that was not attended by any representative of the political space.

From the minority member of the government coalition, it has been considered on different occasions over the last few weeks that the contract of 37 million euros for the holding of the NATO summit, in addition to being an excessive expense, had been awarded with certain irregularities and “by finger”. Some statements that surprised in La Moncloa, since the purple leaders themselves gave the go-ahead in the corresponding Council of Ministers to the operation. When exceeding 12 million euros, all members of the government leadership must give “authorization” to the expense, according to the Public Sector Contracts Law.

A criticism in which Díaz has not participated and on which he has avoided taking a position, beyond highlighting the “legality” of the contract approved by the Executive of which he is a part. The also Minister of Labor has publicly assured that she could not attend the celebration this Monday because she had an important medical appointment scheduled at the same time. She, however, has avoided specifying whether she will attend the next NATO summit, which is being held in Madrid on June 28, 29 and 30.

An unknown that has not been resolved by the Minister of Consumption and leader of the United Left, Alberto Garzón, who, also present at the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, has referred to his agenda to find out in the coming weeks if he will participate. However, from within the United We Can it is taken for granted that no IU government representative will attend the NATO summit, as will happen with the alternative celebration, a few days before, of a “peace summit” in Madrid.

However, the degree of rejection of United We Can to the NATO summit has varied in recent hours. This Tuesday, the president of the confederal group in Congress, Jaume Asens, has opened the door to the option of participating out of institutional respect but in a “critical” way in the act, in the same way that occurs in the celebrations related to the Royal House .

These statements, of which Podemos was not aware, reduce the harshness of the purples against NATO and generate the possibility that some representative of the coalition may consider attending, even more so after Díaz has left his participation in the air and He has distanced himself from the Podemos boycott by justifying his absence on the anniversary of Spain’s entry into NATO in the urgent medical appointment that he had scheduled for this Monday.

The umpteenth crossing of statements between Yolanda Díaz and the leadership of Podemos comes on the eve of starting the electoral campaign in Andalusia, a territory that may be key to understanding the future of the space to the left of the PSOE at the national level.

Precisely this Monday it has been known that the vice president will finally go two days to campaign with the candidate, Inmaculada Nieto, and that she will coincide with Ione Belarra on both occasions, in addition to Irene Montero and Alberto Garzón. The great act will be on the 14th in Seville. Belarra and Díaz will campaign together again on the 11th in Córdoba.

Everything, waiting to know what days Íñigo Errejón will participate in the events planned for the next two weeks in Andalusia. At the moment, Más País has not revealed its calendar of events, nor has it commented on the new political platform that Díaz is preparing and that will be launched after the Andalusian elections under the Sumar brand.

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