kyiv salad with tomato lace; cod in brine with fermented piparras and crispy skins; and creamy tender almonds with cherry. All washed down with Jose Pariente, Viña Ardanza Reserva 2015, and Juve and Camps Cava Brut. yesterday 197 guests were expected to attend (the ministers plus two companions, despite some absences, the most notable being that of the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin). Each dish has been made by a different chef: the salad, by Pepa Muñoz ; cod, by Diego Guerrero; and the almond cream, by Carles Tejedor. The coordinator of the dinner is the Asturian naturalized American José Andrés, until recently known in the US as “the chef-celebrity” and now a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. Andrés, who has been an adviser to Joe Biden since March, also coordinates tomorrow’s dinner for the heads of state and government that is being held at the Prado Museum. Some of the features of the agape are a nod to Ukraine. “kyiv salad,” for example, has been the country’s name for “Russian salad” since Vladimir Putin’s February invasion of Ukraine. “I would have loved to have been able to bring Ukrainian chefs to Madrid, but they are all so involved in the task of feeding their country that it has been impossible,” Andrés explained to EL MUNDO yesterday. In principle, the chef was scheduled to travel to Spain with the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, but in the end he had to go to Madrid a day later. Andrés was selected not only because he is Spanish (from Mieres, in Asturias) and American. It is also a consequence of the work of his NGO World Central Kitchen in several countries affected by humanitarian catastrophes, including Ukraine, where he has distributed 60 million meals since Russia launched its invasion. In March, Andrés was appointed by Biden as co-chair of the President’s Council on Sport, Fitness and Nutrition, along with basketball player Elena Delle Donne. The Council is an advisory body created 56 years ago by President Dwight D. Eisenhower that advises the White House on healthy living habits, and has sometimes been the springboard for its members to enter politics. the predecessors of Delle Fonne and Andrés, the doctor and television star Mehmet Öz and the former American football player Herschel Walker. Both were fired by Biden in February, when they entered politics, to compete for the Republican Party for two seats in the Senate.

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