New fire in Fortuny due to the actions of the State Attorney General Dolores Delgado. On this occasion, due to the purge of number two of the Prosecutor’s Office specializing in Minors, the assigned prosecutor Francisco García Ingelmo. The discomfort is so notable that 117 prosecutors -106 specialists in the field of Minors- have sent a letter to Delgado where they value this dismissal “as an exceptional loss for the specialty within the State Attorney General’s Office.”

García Ingelmo was appointed to the position in 2010 by former state attorney general Cándido Conde-Pumpido and, since then, has worked under the orders of seven attorney generals, appointed by governments of different political persuasions. In addition, he is a prosecutor who has proven experience of more than 25 years in the field of Minors.

According to tax sources reported to EL MUNDO, Delgado communicated on June 28 to the current prosecutor of the Chief Juvenile Court, Eduardo Esteban – whose appointment was annulled by the Supreme Court although later the attorney general promoted him again, ignoring the High Court – the sudden end of his hitherto number two. The aforementioned dismissal, which has caused great discomfort among prosecutors, was motivated by Delgado in the termination decree under the pretext that he wanted to give a “new impetus” to the Minors area.

However, different tax sources consulted by this newspaper assure that neither the chief prosecutor Esteban requested the same – on the contrary, he tried to avoid dismissal – nor are there reasons to dismiss the prosecutor García Ingelmo “beyond the fact that he joined last month of November to the Association of Prosecutors (AF) and is a close friend of the prosecutors José Miguel de la Rosa and Consuelo Madrigal».

It so happens that these last two professionals are part of the “black list” of prosecutors that Delgado considers to be his enemies. De la Rosa because he sued her, along with the AF, in the Supreme Court for not having appointed him as Chief Prosecutor for Minors – the magistrates of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber gave him the reason – and Madrigal for being one of the prosecutors of the process more criticism of the actions of the former Minister of Justice of Pedro Sánchez.

At the headquarters, the State Attorney General’s Office describes this latest maneuver by Delgado as a “revenge” towards De la Rosa and the AF, with García Ingelmo being the victim. In addition, there is the circumstance that when on June 29 the prosecutors of the new Fiscal Council asked for explanations for this dismissal, the attorney general refused to give them.

On the other hand, in the letter that 117 prosecutors have sent to Delgado, where they describe the dismissal of number two of Minors as an “exceptional loss”, the members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office underline “the excellence in the development of the work that Mr. García Ingelmo since he was assigned, with different court prosecutors and under the mandate of different general prosecutors. In addition, they highlight the “human qualities, for his complete availability and attention to all prosecutors specializing in minors and for his affability, amply demonstrated for so many years.”

For its part, the Executive of the Association of Prosecutors issued a statement yesterday, to which this newspaper has had access, where it described the dismissal of Francisco García Ingelmo as a “surprising and worrying turnaround” and underlining “the lack of specialization of the designated Chamber prosecutor by the Attorney General» (referring to Eduardo Esteban). Likewise, they emphasize that the prosecutor purged by Delgado has provided “indisputable technical and legal support to the prosecutors dedicated to the specialty” to date, as well as the chief prosecutor for Minors. “This cessation leaves the specialty of Minors orphaned of a valuable reference, especially when the person who currently directs said specialty lacks the knowledge of the matter,” adds the majority association of prosecutors.

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