The government coalition in Italy faced this Thursday a complex puzzle to which Mario Draghi did not think he could find a solution. The Italian prime minister announced his resignation after the absence of the Five Star Movement (M5E) during the vote in the Senate on a motion of confidence on a decree law on aid to families and companies against inflation. The party led by Giuseppe Conte put the former president of the European Central Bank to the limit who, despite having passed the motion easily (172 votes in favor and 39 against), had announced the day before that he would not continue as head of an Executive without the support of M5E, one of the main partners of the coalition and winner of the last elections of 2018.

His resignation, however, came up short with the rejection of the president, Sergio Mattarella, who commissioned him to appear before Parliament to verify if he still has a majority to govern. “The President of the Republic has not accepted the resignation and has invited the President of the Government to appear in Parliament to give explanations and for an assessment of the situation to be made at that headquarters,” a statement from the Headquarters read. of the State.

Previously, the resignation text issued by Draghi stated: “I want to announce that I will present my resignation to the President of the Republic this afternoon. Today’s votes [yesterday] in Parliament are very significant from the political point of view. The majority of the national unity that has supported this government since its inception is gone. Ever since my inaugural speech in Parliament I have always said that this Executive would only succeed if there was a clear prospect of being able to carry out the government’s program on which the political forces had voted their confidence”. It must be remembered that the coalition led by Draghi emerged to face the coronavirus pandemic and the management of the millionaire European funds.

Today has been a day of maximum tension in Rome. The M5E had already announced the day before that it would not participate in the vote on the aid decree worth 26,000 million euros for finding it insufficient and because Draghi had not met any of the demands that Conte had given him last week, as a condition for keep your support. Among them was excluding from the decree voted today a project to build a garbage incinerator for Rome, which the M5E strongly opposed as it was considered costly, polluting and inefficient.

After passing the motion without the M5E, Draghi left the Chigi Palace towards the Quirinale and spent an hour meeting with Mattarella, who had to mark the steps to follow to find the exit to the labyrinth of scenarios that opened for the ‘premier’. After the meeting with the president, the premier convened a Council of Ministers after which he confirmed his departure. However, minutes later, Mattarella’s decision not to accept Draghi’s departure was made public.

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