He has still got that extradimensional charm, 18 years .

18 years later making his Resource Engine introduction, Half-Life’s enigmatic extra-dimensional businessman is back in the spotlight thanks to some gorgeous enthusiast animation in Half-Life: Alyx’s Source two.

Notorious G-Man animator Corey Laddo today posted a diversion of a piece from Half-Life two’s tech demo at E3 2003. Back then, Valve showed their then-revolutionary facial animations using G-Man from the spotlight, flexing his not-quite-human facial muscles and demonstrating a few tactful lip-syncing.

What’s really striking is the fact that it’s not nearly as big a jump as you’d expect. Sure, our guy is looking sharper, more comprehensive, and creepier than ever–but Half-Life 2’s facial animations were already years before their timein 2003. It does not matter that the first footage is shaky and low-res. If he raises a glowing brow, you feel the distress in your spirit.

Obviously, G-Man’s new look is useful for more than recreating decades-old E3 demos. Laddo famously recreated Talking Heads’ video for Once In A Lifetime with all the alien suit. Together with uncannily gifted voice actor JapaneseBushBaby, the pair also penned this phenomenal Half-Life: Alyx cooking video.


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