CSLA Iron Curtain takes us back into the Czech/German boundary of 1980.

Back in April, Arma 3 moved to Vietnam with all the S.O.G. Prairie Fire DLC that included a selection of new vehicles and weapons from the era in addition to a new map based on a fictionalized version of the Vietnam War’s whole field of operations. New DLC released now, CSLA Iron Curtain, additionally takes players back in the past, although maybe not quite as much and in a totally different area: The 1980s boundary between Czechoslovakia and the Federal Republic of Germany.

It has a new map, Gabreta, together with”deep woods, windswept mountains, calm valleys, a railroad system, and various military outposts,” along with a trio of fresh factions representing the US, Czechoslovakia, along with neighborhood rebel fighters.

To keep the playing field level, a”compatibility info bunch ” has also been published that will enable players that do not buy the DLC to get its own articles on multiplayer servers. Terrain and singleplayer material is only going to be available by buying the package, however.

CSLA Iron Curtain is your third Creator DLC launch, after International Mobilization — Cold War Germany and S.O.G. Prairie Fire, that empowers third-party programmers to create and monetize Arma 3 articles as official releases. Bohemia Interactive stated when International Mobilization — Cold War Germany premiered in 2019 which Creator DLC”intends to supply more original excellent content to Arma 3 gamers, make an chance for external talent to make a monetary reward, while also making it feasible to invest more in the Arma series’ long-term potential “


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