Leon, Jill and Nemesis invade the multiplayer horror flick.

It’s been two weeks since Resident Evil Village hit, and possibly many of you are interested in finding a brand new fix of Capcom-flavoured horror.

Let’s get this straight, though–fan-favourite Lady D isn’t in this particular crossover. Sorry.

Announced last month, the Resident Evil Chapter adds two new survivors, Leon and Jill, along with a brand new map themed after Resi 2’s Raccoon City Police Department. However, the biggest new addition is Nemesis, that attracts some interesting spins to DBD’s murder sandbox.

Your hulking great lad may utilize extended tentacles to infect survivors together with all the T-Virus. After infected, survivors will cough and vomit, which makes them plump, but each infected victim also raises Nemesis’ power. The more illnesses, the easier it is for him to keep infecting.

Within an extra twist, regardless of what map you select, using Nemesis as the killer will spawn a number of AI-controlled zombies. They are not particularly powerful, but they will reevaluate your scurrying around the map, infecting you with all the virus if they get their clammy undead hands .

Obviously, the DLC also expands DBD’s placement for a sort of pulp horror sandbox. Want Leon and Jill to confront against Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head? How about seeing Left 4 Dead’s Bill deal with the Nemesis?

The Dead From Daylight: Resident Evil Chapter is out today on Steam for #10/$12.


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