At a first for Fortnite, the upcoming huge season event will be a singleplayer experience, instead of among the multiplayer parties which have begun to define the beginning of a brand new year, Epic has declared .

All players will have the ability to play a solo assignment comprising Agent Jones, that you might remember was the person who obtained the Fortnite island to the mess it is now in, warping between measurements to collect all of the best”hunters” to clean up things.

This is really a fairly interesting divergence from the standard. Past seasons have constantly focused on allowing gamers watch or even take part in enormous one-time-only events, such as Chapter One Season 4 rocket launching that began it all, or even the universe-shuttering occasion that culminated in Chapter 2 (after turning Fortnite off for an whole day). The simple fact that this new occasion is also shutting out one character’s narrative, instead of a giant world-ending conspiracy, can also be fairly distinct, but I envision Jonesy is going to be treated to lots of teasers for items to come.

Epic is maintaining details of the last assignment for Jonesy under wraps for now, but says it will discuss more in the not too distant future. What we do understand is that there is no established time you are going to need to play with the assignment, meaning more people can view things unfold using their own eyes instead of catching up on YouTube. The assignment will automatically begin when you log in to Season 6.

The only good teaser we’ve so far is that this picture of the Zero Point (the giant gateway falling all kinds of characters to Fortnite) starting to crack apart. Jonesy began out Season 5 being tasked with repairing the rift and preventing reality from ripping apart, so anticipate this new occasion to follow up on everything.

If you can not perform Zero Crisis Finale your self or only wish to watch it until it has spoiled for you, Epic says it will discuss details about how to”observe the international premiere with everybody” soon.

There is a PSA on this statement, also: Spend all of your Gold wedges ahead of your cache”is flashed at the end of the year to generate room for exciting developments in Chapter 2 Season 6″ Gold Bars get you unique weapons and bounties out of NPCs littered across the map, and also to assist players empty their balances, exotic weapons offered by NPCs have had their Tavern prices significantly reduced.

There is just 1 week left to finish everything up in Fortnite Season 5, check out our Fortnite guides in case you want walkthroughs of the newest quests. If you would like to kill time between games, have a look at our favourite Fortnite imaginative codes for your many inventive maps we all know.

For much more on another season, here is everything else we all know about Fortnite Season 6, such as conflict pass information, skins, and much more.


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