The manga author died earlier this month at the age of 54.

Hundreds of Final Fantasy 14 players were paying tribute to Kentaro Miura, the creator of manga Berserk who died at the age of 54.

Pictures and videos started cropping up on Twitter and reddit over the last few hours, which reveal hundreds of figures lined up around among the starting cities, Ul’dah, along with other people also amassing in Limsa Lominsa. Players have switched to the Dark Knight class–that draws heavy influence from Berserk–together with many characters posing with their swords from the floor.

Players from servers like Balmung, Cactuar, Leviathan, and Midgardsormr have participated, together with players from a number of other servers reporting which people are trickling into honor Miura. A video from Twitter consumer @localhyurzen shows so many people lined up about the Balmung server that the game cannot load everybody in simultaneously, whilst another on reddit said”the line stretches from one side of Ul’dah to the other. I went to look at the other parts and it wouldn’t let me back to the main part for a few minutes because of how congested it is.”

Kentaro Miura passed away on May 6 against severe aortic dissection. The editorial department for Young Animal magazine declared his passing on the official Berserk Twitter account earlier today, with a machine translation of the tweet stating”we want to express our utmost respect and gratitude” to Miura.


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