It was baked by Kim-Joy from The Great British Bake-Off.

It’s been eight years since Final Fantasy 14 relaunched as Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn. Square Enix requested a cake from Kim-Joy (a celebrity baker you might have seen on series nine of The Great British Bake-Off) to celebrate its birthday. PC Gamer is now dedicated to baking goods. (The PC stands to represent Picturesque Cake.

Kim-Joy’s Final Fantasy Cake is adorable, even better than the Bake-Off treats decorated with cats and mice. It also features iconic Final Fantasy characters. It’s a three-tiered lemon cake with a crumb-coated desert layer for iced biscuits cactuars and a blue-sky buttercream layer with custard-filled Spriggans with jelly gems and bready chocobos. The top is topped with a fondant-coated moogle. This is clearly the work of an avid Final Fantasy fan and should be greeted with a Paul Hollywood handshake.

To bring us back to videogames for a second, Final Fantasy 14’s birthday is being celebrated in-game by the return of The Rising event until September 9. For rewards, players can “journey to The Steps of Nald” in the city of Ul’dah to help Kipih Jakkya. They will receive Nymeia potpourri as well as a red moon parasol which will be a great accessory for any catboy wizard.

Let’s get back to the important stuff, baking. Kim-Joy makes the birthday cake. In the video, she explains that she will add “a thin layer” of buttercream before applying it. This is how it should be done.

Final Fantasy 14, the critically acclaimed MMORPG, offers a free trial to level 60. It also includes the award-winning Heavensward expansion.


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