The Civil Guard has opened an investigation into a 23-year-old driver who was driving at 213 kilometers per hour on the A-66 motorway, at kilometer point 358, within the municipality of Mozárbez (Salamanca), in the direction of Salamanca.

According to sources from the Provincial Command, agents from the Traffic Subsector surprised the driver, a Spanish national, on May 27, at 5:20 p.m., in an Audi vehicle, model A-4 Avant.

Subsequently, they proceeded to open an investigation as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against road safety, whose proceedings were directed to the Salamanca Guard Court.

“Every driver at the wheel must be aware that they must always drive at a speed that is advisable for the characteristics of the road and the existing circumstances and in any case never exceed the generic or specific speeds of the road,” the Civil Guard recalled in the statement. Information provided to the media and collected by Europa Press.

In this regard, he added that in the event of sudden braking or manoeuvring, he must be able to control and stop the vehicle in the shortest distance possible, an action that will be achieved by doing so at the speed determined at any given time, minimizing the possible consequences in the event of suffering a crash. traffic accident.

In addition, he stressed that “this type of negligent and risky action not only endangers the integrity of other road users, but also life itself and that of the people traveling in the vehicle.”

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