Alexander Kislinsky was a sniper for the elite Russian Spetsnaz forces fighting in the Ukraine war. His death came to light at the end of last month when Russian channels on Telegram or VK, a social network similar to Facebook, broke the news, as reported by ‘Newsweek’.

These accounts indicate that Kislinsky died fighting in Donetsk and has already been buried. “He fell fighting Nazism; he fell defending the Russian people and lands,” the messages read.

Before his death, Kislinsky had made clear his motivations for taking part in the invasion of Ukraine and, in a video in front of a tank with the ‘Z’ symbol, stated that “his grandfather could not finish off the Nazi scum, but that they do.” The networks were filled with proclamations in memory of the veteran soldier extolling him as a “hero” and “a warrior” I say to be “forever remembered”.

Kislinsky’s figure is not the only one; since the start of hostilities with kyiv on February 24, Moscow troops have seen other big-name snipers neutralized.

Sergeant Sergei Tsarkov, 38, was also killed in the line of duty on April 10 and was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage, according to the website ‘’ for being “the best sniper in his company.”

Likewise, Irina Starikova, a sniper responsible for the deaths of at least 40 people, including civilians, was captured by the Ukrainian army after being abandoned by her comrades on the battlefield after being injured. Starikova, alias ‘Bagheera’, had been fighting alongside Donetsk separatist forces since 2014.

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