Curious about the upcoming Diablo 2 Remaster, but concerned about losing all these countless hours of advancement built up over generations of enjoying with the first? Worry not, adventurers, since it ends up those aged saves will operate flawlessly with Diablo 2: Resurrected, permitting you to pick up directly where you left off.

This news is courtesy of match manufacturer Matthew Cederquist, who advised IGN Middle East a happy accident supposed that old Diablo two saves finished up slotting perfectly to the remaster. Fantastic news if you have been holding on a cherished Barbarian document for the previous twenty decades.

“Yes! Maintain your old save documents,” explained Cederquist. “Back when we had been working on [the remaster], we wondered whether the save files would operate, so we sort of pushed it, and it worked! So yes, the regional singleplayer store files will take over”

Ideally, this means you’re going to be able to easily come back to your old favorite characters and encounter all of the glistening new-ness coming together with Resurrected–upgraded visuals, enhanced media, and cross-progression together with all the remaster’s console releases. In that exact same interview, game developer Andre Abrahamian clarified the group’s strategy to remastering–leaving the heart mechanisms untouched, while compelling the game’s graphics are much as they can.

“When we started working on the game, we wanted to keep all of the gameplay aspects, including finding the Horadric Cube recipes, or even the profound itemization approaches or the fall prices, and each of the storytelling,” explained Abrahamian. “However, if we approach things such as the artwork we needed to push it and update it as far as we can.”


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