Players can now carve and burn flesh in a new “body destruction” system.

Electronic Arts finally confirmed in July that a Dead Space remake is in the works. EA Motive is currently working on the sci-fi horror remake. It will feature enhanced graphics and a story that closely follows the original. We got to see what the studio is working on and how it’s progressing. It’s still early, but it looks promising.

The core combat mechanic in Dead Space can be described as “cut off their limbs,” which is so central to the game that someone wrote it on the wall in blood. With a new “body destruct” system, players will be able to carve and cook their enemies in “super-precise” ways.

Roman Campos Oriola, creative director, stated that the body destruction technology we are developing is capable of removing the flesh from the bones of the enemy and giving you an idea of gore, but also how much damage I am doing to them. Is this weapon really useful against that one? Is it close to death? This is something I find really fascinating.”


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