You can make new dishes, try new ingredients and eat them all.

Valheim’s Hearth and Home Update is almost here. It will arrive on September 16th. Iron Gate Studios has released a video that outlines the new ingredients and cooking stations you can use to create your new meals.

You’ll also be able barf all the cool food you’ve made and eaten. This is both a very gross and extremely useful feature in Hearth and Home.

I hope more inventory slots are added to Valheim. There will be a lot of stuff to bring around when Hearth and Home arrive. The update will see deer, wolves and boars each dropping their own meat types. Onions will also be available as a farmable resource. Hunting and gathering will require extra money.

Like other work stations, your cauldron can be upgraded with extensions like a butcher’s bench, a spice rack and a pans and pan station. So if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, you should get started now. The update will require that you bake items such as bread and pies in the stone oven.

And as we said in our soon-to-be-completely-revised Valheim food guide, your stomach acts as an inventory, allowing you to place three different foods in it at once. Instead of waiting for food to be fully digested before you can eat again in Hearth and Home, you will be able poison yourself and spit out whatever is in your stomach.


You can quickly and easily make space in your Viking stomach for another meal by eating “bukeperries,” or as they are called in the video. This is actually quite useful. If you suddenly find yourself in a Fuling Berserker and you have to eat a few berries and mushrooms (basic foods that won’t give you much health or stamina boost) you don’t want them waiting to be digested before you eat more nutritious meals that will significantly increase your health and stamina. It could save your life.

It’s sure that it will be a popular pastime, especially in coop where you can barf on your friends.


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