The Secretary of State for Relations with the Courts, Rafael Simancas, has prevented the PP from changing a parliamentary question to the Minister of Finance about SEPI. The popular had planned to ask María Jesús Montero, in the control session on Wednesday, about the Spanish Society of Industrial Participations. And, in today’s Board of Spokespersons they have tried to modify the question to also introduce in it the attempt to control the Indra board, of which SEPI is the partner with the largest capital (25.6%).

Well, the Secretary of State has vetoed the change of the question with the following literal argument: “It is not current.” The Government can prevent parliamentary questions from being changed as long as the proposed change does not deal with burning issues. But it is obvious that the operation to remove independent directors and control Indra is very topical and is enjoying wide repercussions in the media.

Faced with the veto, the spokeswoman for the Popular Parliamentary Group in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, has shown her disagreement and has replied to Simancas that she cannot “share” that the “assault” on Indra is not “current”. That’s where the conversation ends.

However, Simancas has agreed to change two questions about the tragedy of the Melilla fence, because it is “current”. In this case, one from Bildu and another from the PP itself. Hence, the popular believe that the veto is a maneuver to try not to answer the controversy over Indra.

“Isn’t Indra’s concerted action current? It’s a veto so as not to give explanations in the Chamber in this case,” Gamarra complained at a press conference offered in the Lower House. “We hope that tomorrow the Minister of Finance will give the appropriate explanations about this concerted action that has taken place for the departure of Indra’s independent directors”, she added.

The case, in the eyes of Gamarra, “says very little about the respect for good corporate governance” that Pedro Sánchez has. “It is extremely serious that what is taking place is the dismissal of positions in companies due to the action and direction that the Government is taking; that means the loss of democratic quality in this country,” he concluded.

For this reason, the PP has requested the appearance in Congress of the Finance Minister, the president of the CNMC and the president of SEPI, “so that they give explanations about the reasons why SEPI has participated in this operation” .

In addition, the PP has registered the request for the appearance of the first vice president, Nadia Calviño, “so that she can say what is happening with the INE”, after the resignation of its head a few days after the controversy over the questioning of its procedures by part of the Executive.

In the case of Indra, the PP has sowed suspicion about the impact that “control” of the company could have on the vote count in the elections, since Indra is the one that provides the computer tool by which computerized processing.

“When a majority shareholder carries out a movement of this magnitude, it is for something, and we ask ourselves why. Indra has an important job to do with electoral processes. These explanations must be given because the doubt is there” Gamarra has underlined, I have come to accuse the government of undertaking an “occupation process” of the institutions.

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