The return of the King Emeritus does not resolve the existing malaise between the fundamental partners of the Government. United We Can and their parliamentary allies have taken advantage of the “flight” of the father of Felipe VI to Abu Dhabi to attack during the last two years not only against the maneuver of Don Juan Carlos, but also to attack the monarchy and try to overthrow the institution.

A dynamic that started with the judicial investigations into the Emeritus, was redoubled with his departure from Spain and now, with his return “unpunished” without giving explanations to the Spanish, they maintain. The Crown is designed to “offend,” the parliamentary spokesman for the purples, Pablo Echenique, reiterated this week.

In a moment of total chaos after the hermetic closure of Spain due to the first blow of the pandemic and the application of the state of alarm, the Royal House announces a historic decision: Felipe VI breaks ties with his father, disassociates himself from open funds, He renounces his father’s inheritance, and withdraws the salary allocation that he had until now from public money. 194,232 euros, according to data corresponding to 2018.

The departure of Juan Carlos I from Spain surprises all political formations, but especially irritates Pedro Sánchez’s fundamental partners. “Is justice going to allow him to leave?” Asks United We Can, which considers this maneuver “unworthy” by a Head of State who, they consider, must be held accountable. Vice President Pablo Iglesias unleashes a political storm in the heart of the Government by calling the departure of the Emeritus a “flight”. “He doesn’t run away from anything because he isn’t immersed in any cause,” Carmen Calvo replies.

Podemos accentuates its differences with the socialist sector and attacks the monarchy from the Government. But Margarita Robles, as Minister of Defense, discredits the purple current and silences all criticism: “When some people judge others guilty, I don’t care who they are, they are forgetting that the presumption of innocence is one of the basic pillars of the rule of law. We must defend the presumption of innocence of all, “launches the socialist.

The premiere of Pablo Iglesias on the National Holiday as vice president becomes an allegation against the Crown. The then purple leader advocates “working to move towards a republican horizon that deepens Spanish democracy.” A position that collides with the socialist, which, even republican, shows a more moderate line with respect to the monarchy.

The Christmas greeting from United We Can was dedicated to the Royal House. Through a video distributed on social networks, the purple ones intersperse images of the Crown with the background music of the Narcos series. There are also photographs of Corinna Larsen or Francisco Franco. With the video, Podemos presses for Congress to agree to create an investigation commission on the Emeritus, as Pedro Sánchez’s partners demand.

The payment by the Emeritus of 4.4 million to the Treasury “including default interest and surcharges” is, in the eyes of the left, a strategy concocted from the Royal House with the help of the Government so that the father of Felipe VI is not tried . Podemos, in fact, believes that with these “scams” he is “regularizing his crimes.” “It acts above the law and is different in terms of assuming its responsibilities from the rest of the citizens,” lament the purples, who open a crack in the Council of Ministers by insinuating that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Treasury are working to prevent the king emeritus complies with justice.

A good part of the investiture bloc tries every few weeks to get Congress to investigate the Emeritus. For the fifteenth time, the PSOE, the PP and Vox knock down the request for a parliamentary commission on the Table of the Lower House.

Little by little, the signs of corruption vanish, but the left continues to reject the return of the Emeritus. Despite the fact that the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office files the investigation into the donation of 65 million that King Juan Carlos made to Corinna Larsen from Saudi Arabian funds, Sánchez’s allies continue to distrust the Royal House. “If he returns to Spain, it would have to be solely and exclusively to be accountable to the Spanish Justice and the citizens of this country,” cries from United We Can, which defines the monarchy as a “structure” designed for corruption.

There are no solid indications of criminality. The Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court finally decrees the file of the investigation on the patrimony of the Emeritus and refuses to prosecute him criminally, which paves the way for the return of Juan Carlos.

Podemos was not informed of the decision adopted between La Moncloa and Zarzuela to increase the audit of the Royal House through the Court of Auditors, which generated discomfort in the purple ranks.

The return of the Emeritus also does not satisfy United We Can or its allies precisely because of the forms. That Juan Carlos returns to visit Sanxenxo and his regattas and not to answer to the Justice irritates the purples, who brand the decision adopted by the Royal House as “humiliating”.

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