Call of Duty has a lot of trigger resistance.

After everyone raved about the PS5’s DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and resistive triggers, I was first curious if it would work on a PC. It was clear that the answer was yes, provided developers actually implement it. Treyarch was the first to implement Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

You can plug in your DualSense controller and launch Cold War on There are a few more options under the controller menu. You can toggle the trigger haptics on/off, and adjust the triggers vibration intensity with a slider.

Although the options may be a bit obscure, here are some of the best:

It was all working well, so I put down my Deathadder mouse to see how it worked. I also plugged in a controller to Call of Duty for first time in many years. If you have a DualSense controller, Haptics will be on by default. This allows you to jump into the game and test it out. It’s obvious that nearly every action in-game now feeds into little directional clicks on different parts of your controller. Although it’s quite neat, after spending a lot of time with haptics, I am having second thoughts.

Resistive triggers are the problem. It depends on what gun you have, pulling the left trigger to aim can take a lot more effort. It slows down my aim in competitive FPS’s. I don’t know how much, but it seems like an unnecessary roadblock. Although the resistance is present on the right trigger, I prefer the idea of it being part of the shooting action (real triggers can sometimes be difficult to pull). The triggers will rumble when you shoot, which is more distracting than it is.


Since a while, I have been using the DualSense in PS5 games. I love resistive triggers in almost all cases. Half-pulling the left trigger in Returnal executes a normal aim, while a full pull switches to the secondary mode. It feels great every time. However, I don’t worry about controller-based immersion in Call of Duty multiplayer. I worry about my trigger being pulled before the jerk in front. Cold War is about being quick. The PS5 triggers, however, are more resistant than the ones in front of you.

While I love the fact that DualSense is being added to PC games, it’s something I will be turning off in Cold War. Because it’s so much better, I’ll unplug the controller completely and switch to a mouse.


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