To prove War Thunder’s wrong modeling, the player provided secret information about the UK’s Challenger 2 tank.

The Challenger 2 main battle tank has been in British Army service since 1994. It has served in operational service in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. You can also find it in War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment’s free-to play online war game. The War Thunder Wiki describes it as “a force that must be reckoned with on the battlefield, due to competent grades in firepower, armour/”>Challenger 2/a>, although it has a few distinct weaknesses, so a skilled commander is required to make the most out of it.

There is a fair amount of accuracy in the game. The “Simulator battle” mode focuses on the realistic vehicle and weapon physics. Players also engage in lively, detailed discussions about the hardware in War Thunder forums. This thread is 319 pages long, and it’s still growing.


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