Watch Dogs Legion changed the direction of the hacker franchise. abandoned the traditional protagonist and instead featured a hundred playable characters. Although the story was unique and entertaining, I felt a deep connection with the characters I met throughout the story. This is achieved by the Bloodline DLC, which brings back Aiden Pearce, the original hacker. He brings almost everything I wanted from my base Legion experience with him.

Bloodline will see the return of the original Watch Dogs protagonist. But now he is older, wiser, and has more to offer than just the lure of supporting Jackson, Aiden’s nephew. Jackson is Aiden’s younger sister who we first met in the first game. Watch Dogs 2’s Wrench, another familiar face was also returned to Bloodline.

Aiden reluctantly takes a dangerous job at London. Aiden sees the opportunity to reconnect with his nephew and so he returns to the life he left. Aiden discovers evidence of another hacker while on a mission. We later learn that this hacker is Wrench. Although they don’t have a great start, the narrative weaves their experiences together so that they can both be played. This makes their growth more believable and fun. Bloodline told a compelling story that Legion didn’t, from Aiden running after Wrench through an infiltrated structure to Wrench protecting Aiden when danger strikes too close to home.

Wrench and Aiden’s chemistry goes beyond how they interact. It also involves how their skills and talents complement each other. Wrench’s Ninja Balls secondary ability is Aiden’s Focus. This allows him to focus and slow down to get the shot right. Wrench, on the other hand, is a mixture of shy-chaosis and freedom. Aiden stands for balance and responsibility. Their chemistry was so natural that they could interact and it made each mission more enjoyable. It also made the journey through each mission fun to watch them continue to interact.

It is a pleasure to see older versions of characters from previous games. Jackson, for example, has matured since he first met Aiden. His reunion with Aiden immediately makes it clear that he has made his own path to adulthood, free from the trauma of his sister’s murder and the kidnapping of his mother in Watch Dogs 1. Jackson’s struggle against Aiden, and everything Aiden wants to give him, provides an honest human connection that is more than just a paycheck at the end a mission. Bloodline provides Aiden with a meaningful redemptive story and closure that helps him face the guilt that comes from the choices he made in his first game.

Bloodline has 12 main storyline missions, as well as side quests. The entire DLC can be completed in six to eight hours. This DLC reduces Legion’s play space and focuses on a smaller section of London to provide a new set of streamlined quests. Don’t worry about forgetting to complete the side quests: Bloodline will require you to wander off to complete the lower priority missions first before moving on to the main story. There is no way to forget the additional quests.

Legion’s gear mechanics keep patience and stealth at the center of the action. Wrench and Aiden have many of the same tools as Watch Dogs. Wrench has his Shredder Senpai LMG and Aiden’s Gunslinger ability which buffs his damage. Wrench and Aiden’s weapons have been modified to include Wrench’s Cloaking Technology and his mission of stealing a Broca Bridge device from Thomas Rempart (CEO of Rempart Automated Defense Systems). Aiden’s System Crash increases his hacking skills, which is useful during recon missions. Especially his Profiler weapon, which allows Aiden access to any Blume Corporation ct0S related files and personal information. There are many upgrades to the Profiler, such as more ways to disable communications and distract from work, and even command rolling blackouts. The Bloodline upgrades made infiltration missions easier and more efficient. I even managed to cause an occasional blackout by choosing the wrong option from the selection wheel.