The Black Labyrinth expansion brings you a lot of new stuff.

Retro shooter enthusiasts have had a great few days with PowerSlave Exhumed and Core Decay being featured in the news. Let’s add another to the list. The Black Labyrinth, an expansion for the game whose website redirects from, has a gameplay trailer.

The Black Labyrinth is a prequel to Amid Evil. It will contain new levels, enemies, new weapons, and “new Andrew Hulshult placeholder song music”. [Note: Dave Oshry reached out to us to clarify that that was a joke and that the music was not a placeholder in reality. The trailer shows a scythe that can either shoot a row purple energy blasts, or simply slice open reality to strand enemies in a void. If your base game has a staff that shoots at planets, you will need to buy the DLC. A pair of spiked gauntlets is also available. They’ll let you punch enemies through the time, so that a dinosaur eats them.


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