Bobby Crimo, the killer who indiscriminately opened fire on a parade commemorating America’s national day last Monday, nearly went on a killing spree immediately afterwards. This is what he himself has declared to the Justice, which today formally accused him of seven murders for which he will be sentenced, in all likelihood, to life imprisonment without the possibility of review of the sentence.

According to Crimo, when he was fleeing in his car after killing seven people and injuring 23 others, he passed through a town where a parade was also being held on the occasion of the 4th of July. The murderer then considered repeating the carnage that he had carried out shortly before in Highland Park, a city on the outskirts of Chicago. However, he ultimately decided against it. The reason is that he had planned the Highland Park massacre for weeks, while the second would be totally improvised.

From Crimo’s statements it is deduced that his intention was to escape. However, those words do not correspond to what he did. Shortly after, he turned around and headed his car back toward Highland Park. Near that city, the police stopped him when he was stopped at a traffic light. The killer fled but, after a short chase, he was arrested.

The fact that the agents never opened fire on Crimo has raised some controversy in the United States. The Highland Park murderer is white, and some say that allows him to receive favored treatment from police that he would not have enjoyed had he been black, Hispanic, or another racial minority. Back in 2015, the killer of seven black people in Charleston, a white supremacist named Dylan Roof, was apprehended by police without any violence. These are things that attract attention in a country, the United States, where on June 27, a black man, Jayland Walker, who was fleeing unarmed from the police, was shot 60 times, precisely in Chicago, very close to Highland Park.

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