The release of a video showing the death of a black man shot by police sparked protests on Sunday in Akron, Ohio.

The mayor and the police of that city launched a call for calm after the recording of the body camera of one of the agents was known. The man would have received 60 bullets, according to his lawyer.

On Monday, Jayland Walker, 25, was shot to death as he fled police after an attempted arrest followed by a vehicle and foot chase.

The video, of enormous violence, was released by the police on Sunday showing the man under police fire.

For the president of the organization for the defense of civil rights (NAACP), Derrick Johnson, this death is a “murder”.

“This black man was killed … for a possible traffic violation. This does not happen with the white population in the United States,” Akron said.

Hundreds of people marched to Akron City Hall carrying banners reading “Justice for Jayland” on Sunday in the fourth day of demonstrations that turned tense Sunday when some protesters approached the police cordon.

The demonstrators caused some disorder, with the burning of garbage containers and damage to heavy equipment of the police who fired tear gas to repel the crowd.

After initially giving little information about the shooting, Akron authorities released two videos Sunday, one a compilation of the body camera, stills and audio, and the second the entire recording.

The voice on the video explains that Walker didn’t stop. Police indicate that a shot was fired from the vehicle.

Police Chief Steve Mylett indicated that a forensic report reported 60 wounds on Jayland Walker’s body, coinciding with his lawyer’s version.

The police officers involved in the events were suspended from service pending the judicial investigation.

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