The “premier” Boris Johnson has assured that “it would not be responsible” to resign in the current circumstances and has denied being a “habitual liar”, in an unusual exchange with the users of Mumsnet, the popular forum for mothers and fathers created by Justine Roberts , who moderated the meeting.

Johnson acknowledged that he has been asking “a lot of questions” in the wake of the Partygate scandal, although he admitted that “given everything that’s going on” (referring to the war in Ukraine and the cost-of-living crisis) it would be irresponsible.” abandon the project I embarked on”.

“I’m not going to deny that it’s been a miserable experience for people in government,” he said of the Partygate investigation. “But we have to learn from mistakes and keep moving forward.”

The “premier’s” statements come in the midst of an offensive by several members of his cabinet, led by number two Dominic Raab, to contain the rebellion that has already reached 44 “Tory” deputies publicly questioning his leadership, ten fewer than they would missing to launch a motion of censure.

Raab assured that he does not think there will be a sufficient number of rebels for a vote of no confidence within the Conservative Party next week, as former Foreign Secretary William Hague has predicted. “Westminster lives in its bubble and these things get inflated,” Raab warned. “I don’t want to say that what is happening is not serious or significant. But the Prime Minister has dealt with these issues in the past.”

Raab defended Johnson at all costs and assured that he did not violate the “ministerial code”, despite having been fined (118 euros) for breaking his own rules against Covid in Downing Street. Johnson himself, in his intervention on Mumsnet, acknowledged that he had been “very surprised” at the time of receiving the fine, since he always considered the incident in question (his own birthday party for him) as “a work event.

“I was there, in the Cabinet Office, in my office, for a very short period of time,” Johnson said. “I was in for a big surprise when I received notification of the fine.”

During the forum on the Internet, the “premier” was forced to answer the most uncomfortable question: “Why do we have to believe everything you say when it is proven that you are a habitual liar?” Johnson responded politely, claiming that he didn’t agree with the “premise” of the question and reiterating his willingness to stay in his position and “try to make life better for people if I can.”

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