Keeping track of the many games on offer in eSports is challenging. There are just so many games that you have to pick and choose which ones interest you, and then a few more to keep up with which changes are being made to each one. The number of professional players often fluctuates as eSports games gain in popularity. The popularity rankings are continuously shifting and, as a result, making it challenging to pinpoint the current most popular eSports game.

To accomplish this, they will look for tournaments where one can participate in a contest to show what you know about that particular game. It is a fun and exciting way to learn new games, but if you want your game to stand out, some tournaments allow you a chance at winning some money. In this article, you will learn about the most popular eSports Games.

Here is the List of the Top 5 Most Popular eSports Games:

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most played games in eSports. Two teams of five players compete as terrorists and anti-terrorists in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). A player who is killed in action in this shooter cannot immediately re-enter the game, unlike most other shooters.

The game has hundreds of different game modes, and players who want to participate in some of the best tournaments in the world will have to understand how they play and how to read their opponent’s skill level.

The teams in this game have different missions:

Bomb defusing: Players will have to defuse bombs planted on the map.

Sniper: Players will have to kill their opponents with a sniper rifle from a long distance (usually from behind a wall using a scope).

Assault: Players must move through the level and take the enemies out, standing next to each other. This is known as wall-banging.

  1. League of Legends: Player vs. Player

League of Legends is a free-to-play game from Riot Games. The game was first released as a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) in 2009, with many different versions later released. Five players from a pool of over 150 customizable characters (champions) make up each side, and they each play one of the five available roles: toplane, midline (carry), ADC (attack damage carry), support, and jungler. The objective of this game is to destroy the enemy base by killing their champions or destroying the inhibitor turrets.

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise. The first game in the series was released in October 2003. The second version of Call of Duty was released in November 2005, and the third version came out in November 2008. This video game is played on consoles, computers, and mobile devices, with many games released yearly. The games are generally set in military settings where teams face off against enemies that players control.

Many websites offer to bet on this game. Because it is a highly popular game & everyone looks for the call of duty bets on multiple betting sites.

  1. FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is one of the most amazing games in eSports. In this video game, you can play with friends or against other players worldwide. The objective of this game is to score goals for your team by kicking the ball into their purpose or making a save in which the goalkeeper will save the ball from going into their destination and from going out of their goalposts.

Gamers can bet on their favorite soccer teams. Many esports betting sites offer free betting and real-money betting on soccer matches.

  1. Dota 2

Dota 2 is an epic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game created by Valve Corporation, having more than 100 million players worldwide on its release in 2013. This video game is played on the PC; in this game, two teams consisting of five players are pitted against one another.

Dota 2 uses the same gameplay mechanics as League of Legends and takes place on a MOBA map in five-on-five matches. Dota 2 persuades with appealing visuals and gameplay that is less mechanically focused and more tactical.


Although video game popularity is continuously shifting, a trend is beginning to emerge among the top 5 games. So, if you are looking forward to an eSports career, you must master one of these five games to ensure the highest chance of success.


  1. Where can you watch the eSports live stream?
  2. There are various websites where you can watch the eSports live stream. Some popular sites to watch eSports are Twitch, Hitbox, and YouTube Gaming.
  3. How many people play video games?
  4. According to a LoL report, there are over 3 billion gamers worldwide and 2 billion own a Smartphone (the future of gaming lies in mobile gaming). In South Korea alone, around 10% of the population will play League of Legends at least once a month.
  5. Why is Dota 2 so popular eSport?
  6. People are attracted to the three-dimensional gameplay, quick action and the variety in Dota 2. You can experience the excitement of different maps unlike other games such as Counter-Strike or Call of Duty. You can also play with friends who have different levels of skill and that’s why people enjoy playing this game so much. The depth of gameplay and the ability to play with your friends makes it very popular among eSports aficionados.
  7. What is eSports?
  8. Esports is short for electronic sports. Well, you can say that eSports is a revamped version of gaming because it combines the physical and mental skills of the player, with the advanced technology used in modern gaming consoles today.
  9. Are there any women playing competitive eSports?
  10. Yes, there are women playing competitive eSports. For example, there is Scarlett Johansson who was ranked as 24th best player in the world in 2015 and also earned $29,000 in winnings that year according to Forbes.