The map of the Instagram social network has expanded its functions with the search and filtering of places, which will allow users to locate restaurants, shops and places of interest in the style of Google Maps.

Instagram has updated its map so that users can search it for popular places that are nearby from tags, directly from the ‘feed’ or from stories. Manually, you can also search from Explore.

Along with searching by tags, the social network also allows you to locate places by filtering categories, to discover restaurants, beauty centers or places of interest.

This novelty advances in the functions that Instagram offers and that brings it closer, on this occasion, to Google Maps. Like this, the Meta platform also embraces the community experience, as users can share posts, stories, and guides with place tags.

On the map, the places are identified with icons, in which the user can click to see the publications related to that site from other users of the social network or the professional profile page to obtain more information.

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