1.- Boris Johnson overcomes ‘in extremis’ the censorship of his deputies

The British Prime Minister avoids having to resign for the time being after the failure of the “fratricidal war” of the ‘Tory’ deputies opposed to his management of ‘Partygate’

2.- The facilities shoot 13% those approved in the Selectivity and 85% the outstanding

The percentage of students who pass the Selectividad reached its all-time high last year. 93% of students passed an exam, arriving with an average grade of 8.04. A quarter of them presented with an average of outstanding in the Baccalaureate.

3.- Modern Andalusia facing clichés: Malaga, the southern ‘startup’ that Google has set its sights on

It is a world reference for technology companies, but the population is beginning to suffer the effects of the ‘boom’ in the form of skyrocketing prices and gentrification

4.- Looking for a senior worker: why companies need professionals over 50 years of age

While we are obsessed with youth unemployment, we make the mistake of ignoring the most senior. “An older employee who knows how to upgrade can be a job powerhouse, because it combines the best of both worlds,” say experts in the thriving ‘silver economy’

5.- The seventh wave causes an excess of 4,000 deaths in two months in Spain

Spring could end, at this rate, with 6,000 deaths associated with the coronavirus. The MoMo already registers an excess of mortality from all causes, the seventh of the pandemic, for the months of April and May

6.- The secrets of Laurie Santos, the global happiness guru: “Our minds lead us into the error of believing that we should be happy all the time”

She is the most famous disseminator of happiness in the world. One in four Yale students went on to sign up for her course ‘Psychology and the Good Life’ and she also runs a hugely popular podcast, ‘The Happiness Lab’. “Mental health is like sports: being happy requires a lot of effort”

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