1.- Elías Bendodo: “Catalonia is a State nationality, like any other autonomous community”

Interview with the general coordinator of the PP, who believes that Sánchez is “at the end of his escape”, trapped by his pro-independence partners, and that is why he diverts attention with “smoke screens”.

2. The Russians advance into eastern Ukraine, but their plans are behind schedule: why a decisive phase of the war is now approaching

Putin’s army could be close to a turning point and could be forced to review its objectives

3. The West runs out of missiles for Ukraine

The reduction of the industrial base in developed countries slows down the production of weapons. With the war escalating, the sector cannot meet demand

4. The State faces million-dollar lawsuits in court from companies closed in confinement

Justice will have to decide if there is patrimonial responsibility of the Administration and duty to indemnify

5. Podcast: Fixed rate or variable rate: the dilemma of mortgages in the face of rising rates

A few months ago the question was whether to buy a home or not and now the biggest question is whether the fixed rate or the variable rate is better

6. The Romanian jury denounces that Eurovision annulled its vote for no reason

Its presenter could not intervene due to “technical problems” during the festival to announce the votes

Conforms to The Trust Project criteria


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