1. The flight of votes from the PSOE in favor of the PP is already 16.9% in Andalusia

The centrist discourse of the ‘popular’ candidate accelerates the absorption of the socialist electorate

2. Cádiz, a paradise wounded by unemployment and the bite of drug trafficking

With its idiosyncrasy and with the tourism of its privileged orography, it resists an industrial and structural abandonment that leads to unemployment for one in four inhabitants.

3. “Call Putin? No one called Hitler in WWII”

After six rounds of sanctions, the EU is split between those in favor of continuing to try to convince Moscow to stop or go for total isolation

4. Tie between Macron and Mélenchon in the first round of the French legislative

Record abstention exceeds 52%. Ensemble, Macron’s coalition, and Mélenchon’s leftist coalition, would be almost tied, according to the first scrutiny

5. The most prohibitive summer: inflation makes Spanish vacations more expensive and hotels skyrocket up to 40%

The increases are greater in destinations with more international tourism

6. Pedro García Cuartango: “I have been quite happy, but I have a tendency to see things in the worst possible way”

Who has been director of this newspaper, responsible for the Opinion section and reference firm, now writes in ‘Abc’. We talk to him about his past, although Cuartango knows that memory is tricky. But what difference does it make, if what we are is precisely our memory

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