The ringing of the mobile began practically ipso facto. Less than 48 hours after the minor A. filed a complaint for multiple sexual assault on May 17 in Burjassot (Valencia), her Instagram account began to receive all kinds of messages and comments. And on her WhatsApp there was a conversation with the other minor, also initial A., with whom the first went the day before to an appointment with two males who were also minors and had known them for seven days but only virtually.

Talking about whether “sometimes one stopped” and “sometimes not”. On the “names” he would give his lawyer one of them. “What are you an biolao”, she jumps on Instagram. Or: «You are some shitty bitches that all you want is fame and being on TV», according to the publication of another person who not only says it openly but also ensures that it reaches the minor. The screenshots that illustrate this page, which EL MUNDO has been able to access, are part of the “seven printed pages” collected on Instagram and “a printed page” of WhatsApp conversations that appear in the complaint that the lawyer of minor A ., alleged victim of the gang rape, filed on May 24, eight days after the events previously denounced and that would motivate the “threats” took place.

These dialogues between A. and A. are also relevant insofar as another alleged conversation between the two was recorded on video and broadcast through her Twitter account by the co-founder of VoxCristina Seguí -investigated ex officio by the hate crimes section of the Valencia Prosecutor’s Office – motivates the subsequent “threats”. According to the defense of the one who would have suffered the multiple sexual assault, represented by Manuela Muñoz Sánchez (Vanguard Abogados), in that video the singing voice would be taken by “a third minor who was alerted by the one who managed to escape of what was happening in the house abandoned Burjassot on May 16» and that he would have been the one who notified the Police of what was happening.

For example: “It’s embarrassing to see how girls are joking and laughing at something that they have set up and that unfortunately happens to other women for real.” “Threats” that are added to those that the minor, who last Thursday expanded her initial complaint and exonerated three of the minors, while implicating three other males, of whom it is unknown for now if they are older or younger old. The only adult “identified” by the minor at first, who responds to the initial of I. and was arrested last Wednesday, is also on probation and with a restraining order for the minor, which was slow to expand the complaint, according to the explanations of his lawyer, “due to the continuous refusals of the police stations near his town, where they were told that they had to return to Burjassot, where on May 17 the facts to be resolved were reported.”

In that complaint, according to the documentation to which this newspaper has had access, such events happened as follows: “That once in the public park that is located at the entrance of the house, the four sit on a bench to smoke, being invited subsequently, these to access the house voluntarily, refusing both, so these boys get upset and tell them IF YOU DON’T COME IN, WE WILL CATCH YOU AND PUT YOU IN BY FORCE, agreeing to said request, since they feared that they could harm them after not obey them, jumping the fence the four of them and accessing the interior of the house being directed by these boys to a basement in which there were two mattresses, surprisingly throwing L. to A. on the smaller mattress and I. to A. on the biggest mattress.

And he continues: «Observing the deponent that four more men entered the passenger compartment whom she had never seen, she could only provide that they were of gypsy ethnicity and that they were between 16 and 17 years of age, two of the four holding her, one of the hands and another of her legs, while the others began to perform on her (…), giving her several slaps in the face when she screamed for help, (…), releasing her after finishing said sexual acts, the five men retreating to one side room, A. [the other minor] taking advantage of the moment to put on the clothes she found on the run and flee to the subway station to return home».

And the second minor describes those minutes as follows: «You can see how there were three more boys, whom they did not know at all, knowing at that moment that they were friends of the boys they were with. (…) That she sees how not only does the man with whom A. wanted to have sex come down, but also FOUR of the five young people come (this L. leaves the place), a fact that frightened her and at that moment she backed away saying that she wanted to leave, not being held and leaving the place, (…) being able to see how the four men sexually assaulted her friend A., being able to hear how they asked for a turn to penetrate her, while A. asked them to stop, the men not paying attention to their requests.

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