1.- This is how the CNI motivated the telephone intervention of the independence leaders: “It is the only formula to avoid a secession”

The judge reasoned in his records the interception of the telephones of 18 independentistas

2.- Equality wants the painful rule to be considered a temporary disability: “It’s like the flu”

Equality proposes a three-day permit for menstruation with severe pain

3.- The Iberian exception: this is how the cap on the price of gas will affect the electricity bill and how we will pay it later

The compensation will be charged to the marketers -which will then pass it on to the client

4.- The fast track that NATO has prepared for the Scandinavians

The secretary general foresees an accession in a few months if the Nordics want to join the Alliance, since they meet most of the required requirements

5.- Amaia: “Meeting Marisol was like seeing Jesus Christ”

More naughty and light songs, but with the same intimate pop style. The artist overcomes “insecurities” and challenges preconceived ideas in her second album

6.- The left foot fails Nadal again, he doubts for Roland Garros

A relapse in his scaphoid ailments precipitates the defeat against Shapovalov in the round of 16 (1-6, 7-5, 6-2)

Conforms to The Trust Project criteria