Purchase a gif of survival game Imagined Leviathans and you do not get an NFT.

In case you haven’t heard of NFTs then congratulations on not being online and probably leading a healthy life involving sunshine and, I don’t know, a fitness center membership. Even if you have heard the newest technology buzzword, you may not understand what it means. It’s a certification of authenticity for videos, music, music, pictures, and so on. Each is attached to some blockchain, like the cryptocurrency Ethereum, and that is the point at which your brain tunes out if you’ve seen the sun even after today.

The point is, artists can use NFTs when they promote their work on the internet because collectors enjoy certificates of authenticity. They can even incorporate a code ensuring as soon as the original is resold a proportion of this sale belongs to the artist. Oh, and one other thing: such as cryptocurrency, NFTs are extremely energy-inefficient. An analysis of about 18,000 NFTs found each one has an environmental impact roughly equal to over a month of power consumption by a normal EU resident, together with emissions equivalent to driving a petrol car for 1,000 kilometres (621 miles).

Also, it’s trivially easy to market someone else’s art with an NFT. There is even a Twitter account that simplifies the process.

For these reasons, the NFT fad has been contentious. Should you purchase a gif featuring the wintry imagery of Far Few Giants’ forthcoming game Imagined Leviathans, that will be all about living a frozen tundra haunted by strange things in the skies, you don’t have an NFT. Rather, via the carbon-offset project Ecologi, trees have planted. Additionally, you receive a copy of Imagined Leviathans as soon as it comes out. Plus, you receive a certificate of authenticity that is a empty txt file called’thanks for buying.txt’.

It seems to be going nicely. The sale page was updated to say,”Over $250 made so far, and 455 trees, over 7,500kg of CO2 cancel!! Minting more gifs today!” If you’re considering Imagined Leviathans it’s a prologue it’s possible to play on itch.io, and there’s a Steam webpage as well.


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