Race The Sun was rather good, was not it? Getting ready for a crowdfunding campaign following month, the developer’s next match is Whisker Squadron–a lo-fi dogfighter that attracts blasters and supervisors to Race The Sun’s infinite fields.

Announced earlier this season, Whisker Squadron already appears promising. Like Rush The Sun, you will be soaring by minimal, abstract arenas. Unlike Race The Sun, these can be filled with baddies to burst and a range of feline pilots, each with their particular skills. Boss Fights, also, will probably be produced on demand, with a single clip showing some sort of helicopter… laser… squid… item?

Race The Sun’s DNA is apparent in how the low-poly boat swoops and soars. And I am happy for this, too–that match was quietly among my favorites of the previous ten years, a relaxing small timewaster with chill vibes.

However, Whisker Squadron assembles on this in all the ideal ways, swapping that match’s thin chrome landscapes to get something entirely more vibrant, with screenshots often breaking into entirely abstract distance. A few of the directors seem downright motivated, also, summoning spirals of stone as ray cannons fire overhead.

There will be narrative beats introducing you to a purr-fect co-pilots (sorry), together with a roguelike assignment arrangement and between-mission updates. Flippfly is starting a Kickstarter effort on April 6th, finally bringing the match to Steam after this season.


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