After feedback from the game’s committed players, The Sims 4 is latest free upgrade has introduced bunk beds along with more decorative options.

Bunk beds are introduced into The Sims 4, fulfilling the fantasies of over a few lovers, together with some hair enhancements, enjoyable posters, and bug fixes. EA’s life simulator features a dedicated community, according to some players’ amazing creations — similar to this Hyrule castle build. Though this audience is a boon for the sport, EA has often found itself lagging behind its own gamers’ expectations, as was the situation with those bunk beds.

In response to backlash from fans criticizing the restricted assortment of skin tone options from the game, EA announced in September 2020 that it will be expanding available cosmetic options for The Sims 4. The requirements that the game better represent its players of colour was piling up for a while before the announcement, although there were a few more instantaneous updates, the promised skin tone variant wouldn’t be available in the game until months later. The upgrade dropped in early December, a day earlier than expected, bringing with it more than one hundred additional skin tone choices, together with modification tools and new hairstyles. Although not a remarkably speedy turnaround, this update did show that the game’s creators were listening to its players.

Once again responding to feedback from gamers, the newest update for The Sims 4 finally introduced a convenient means to stack sleeping Sims, which EA comprehensive on the game’s site alongside several other new capabilities. The post first goes over several changes to more recently introduced hairstyles that allow Sims of diverse ages to enjoy some lovely locks. Then, the company showcased a list of poster variations which the team states serve a dual purpose. The broader array of choices make decorating less stale but also generates more chance of representation. Coming onto the list with a bit’one more thing’ energy are the much-requested bunk beds. The announcement’s healthy tone perhaps looks to alleviate the community’s anger at having been asked to pay for comparable material in earlier introduced packs. The beds come in two styles, mod and metal, and will feature a nifty ladder that may be placed anywhere. The Sims team finishes by challenging its players to explore the game’s choices and build new and exciting items.

The Sims 4 community has no shortage of new content coming to the game to assist fuel creativity. For the franchise’s 21st anniversary, EA provided players twenty-one free gifts back in February. The presents were designed by renowned members of The Sims’ community and included everything from unique food alternatives to interesting toddler fashion choices.

Free upgrades, especially ones that make demanded features like bunk beds available, will surely keep players engaged with the sport. EA appears to be trying its best to keep up with The Sims 4’s gamers, and it’s good to see the staff respond to feedback.


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