Amazon Game Studios’ new World players are flooding to their site, so they have taken the step of not allowing any new characters to be created on full servers. A Server Status page has been created for New World. It will let you know if the server is full, up, or down and also if it’s undergoing maintenance. Amazon Game Studios made the announcement via Twitter.

Players can still log in to play characters already created on full servers. AGS has made it clear that New World will soon have a character transfer function. Players are encouraged to create characters on low-population servers and start playing immediately, rather than waiting in queues.

AGS also launched a status page for the New World website.

New World’s success has exceeded all expectations. The MMO was a huge success. Even Jeff Bezos, the executive chairman of the megacorporation, has praised New World’s games division on Twitter . After many years of failure, finally achieved success. The studio admits that it was a surprise to see numbers so quickly close to launch.


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