Update: More details about the following Call of Duty game has allegedly surfaced.

After its show of what it promised is the working name of the year’s launch, leaker ModernWarzone has published a new report outlining the match setting. In a recent movie, ModernWarzone said that”the whole game occurs in an alternate timeline in which 1945 was not the conclusion of World War two,” and will happen in the 1950s.

The report features speculation how the alternative narrative will perform, and does not pinpoint exactly when the occasions of this match will happen. If the concept seems familiar, nevertheless, that is very likely to be since Call of Duty wouldn’t be the first FPS franchise to research a lengthier variant of this war – that the Wolfenstein series also occurs in a universe where the battle dragged on for several decades, radically accelerating the speed of technological change across the world.

This report comes from sources talking to ModernWarzone, that asserts that that title is very much a working name, which this year’s match will eventually send under a different name. As soon as it’s well worth taking this rumor with a pinch of salt, particularly in lieu of any official comment from Activision or Sledgehammer, the name could offer a clue regarding the essence of the match.

Whether the term’Vanguard’ attributes in the finished title, it appears increasingly probable that we will be returning to World War Two. Sledgehammer has been the lead programmer behind 2017’s Call of Duty: WWII, so can readily be put to return to this interval. What is more, a Call of Duty leaker has suggested this season’s game is going to be set in World War II, also ModernWarzone reports that a number of the game cutscenes will probably be put from the 1950s, shortly after the interval where the war happened.

Activision has confirmed that this year’s entrance in its own FPS series will probably be arriving from late 2021, as is pretty much spiritual now, but we have had very little in the way of official advice since that time. Nevertheless, Call of Duty’s show events have a tendency to be in the summertime, therefore we should learn more relatively shortly.


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