That could be 100 decades too soon for me personally.

The next Battlefield game will require us into the long run long run of”21 years from today”, if rumours of a possible Battlefield 2042 are accurate.

Filling in the middle ground between string introduction 1942 as well as the mech-filled warzones of 2142, another Battlefield will allegedly take us to the near-future when it is announced later this week. This tracks with all the many, many escapes we have seen of this game up to now, with footage showing us slightly-futuristic gunships and warfare robots fighting across tropical shores.

The flow indicates 2042 will possess the”largest maps in Battlefield background”, shaped of”Sectors” every sized at about the scale of a Battlefield 3 map. These sectors contain numerous factors, and can’t be retrieved after procured.

Teams are going to have the ability to choose one hero-style”Professional” each course, coming with an excess gadget or 2 to boost their function (the article indicates a Medic with recovery darts that may heal from a distance).

The flow also indicates a beta is incoming after this month, after a personal testing session to get large content founders & streamers. Obviously, we will not need to wait that much time to discover if some of this is accurate –EA intends to show its next Battlefield game this Wednesday, June 9th.

As for me, I really don’t think 20 years later on is almost far enough.


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