José Antonio Ortega Lara has read this Friday, together with the former president of the Basque PP María San Gil, a manifesto in front of the Congress of Deputies in which he has charged against the Democratic Memory Law and the Government’s agreement with Bildu, assuring that ” the assassins govern Spain in an increasingly less hidden way” and has appealed to “recover” the Spirit of Ermua.

“Our political representatives of the Government of Spain and the Basque Country are complicit in the strategy of the assassins who govern Spain in an increasingly less disguised manner and are preparing to assault the Government of the Basque Country in broad daylight,” he proclaimed. Ortega Lara during the reading of the manifesto.

Thus, Ortega Lara has also attacked the Executive of Pedro Sánchez for “using such a symbolic date”, such as the 25th anniversary of the murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco, to reach this agreement on the Democratic Memory Law.

“The clamor of July 1997 was against ETA and it was for freedom, let’s not forget it, let’s not forget Miguel Ángel Blanco and all the victims of ETA,” Ortega Lara defended, assuring that they raise their hands again white “to recover memory, dignity and justice from the truth and not from the story at the service of terrorists”.

Finally, Ortega Lara has called for the recovery of the Spirit of Ermua, “although they suffer permanent atrocities and aggression”, because he considers that “it will survive and recover because they represent the truth and are driven by the moral strength of millions of Spaniards”.

Likewise, Ortega Lara has promoted a cry of ‘enough is enough’ during his speech, which has been sung in unison by the approximately 200 people who have gathered in front of Congress for this concentration.

For her part, María San Gil has charged against the presence of Pedro Sánchez in Ermua for the tribute to Miguel Ángel Blanco because “he has just agreed on the Democratic Memory Law with ETA”: “This constitutes contempt and an affront to the truth and to the dignity of the victims.

“It is unacceptable and intolerable, the legacy of Miguel Ángel Blanco and his civic rebellion cannot become the story to whitewash a perverse strategy of a government and a process,” María San Gil defended.

This concentration, organized by NEOS, the platform promoted by the former Minister of the Interior of the PP Jaime Mayor Oreja, was scheduled to begin at 11:30 am in the Plaza de las Cortes, in front of the Congress of Deputies.

However, according to María San Gil herself, they have been forced to move to the side of the Plaza de Neptuno, delaying the reading of the manifesto at 12:00. In any case, representatives of the PP, of Vox, have been present, even reaching its president, Santiago Abascal, and the deputy of Ciudadanos Miguel Gutiérrez.

Thus, some 200 people have participated in this concentration promoted by NEOS, and have observed a minute of silence in memory of Miguel Ángel Blanco and have launched several proclamations of ‘Viva España’ and have cried out against the Executive of Pedro Sánchez and the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

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