Russian salad has disappeared from the menu offered by the Ifema cafeteria where the NATO Summit is being held and has been renamed ‘traditional salad’, although it maintains the same price and ingredients.

In a context in which the Atlantic Alliance has redefined its relationship with Russia, the Ifema cafeteria menu included Russian salad among its dishes, which generated jocular comments among international journalists attending the Summit.

However, two days later that dish has already disappeared from the menu and has been replaced by another one in which the reference to Russia is avoided. This Thursday’s menu offers traditional salad, although you can also opt for alternatives such as salmorejo or the vegetable of the day.

Precisely this Wednesday, the allies approved their new Strategic Concept, which sets Russia as the “most direct and significant” threat to “security, peace and Euto-Atlantic stability”.

The dinner of the foreign and defense ministers held this Tuesday at the Santa Cruz Palace already included ‘kyiv salad’ on its menu, a nod of support from chef José Andrés to Ukraine after the invasion of Russia.

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