The episode of heat that will occur this week and that will take the thermometers to values ​​between five and ten degrees above normal values ​​is due to the influence of ‘Alex’, the first tropical cyclone in the North Atlantic of the hurricane season, which has started on June 1, according to Meteored meteorologist Samuel Biener.

Thus, the meteorologist predicts that ‘Alex’ will approach the European continent as an extratropical cyclone and will shoot up the temperatures of the Peninsula, since during the first half of the week, maximums above 35 ºC are expected in the south and rains in the north and between Thursday and Friday temperatures will exceed normal values ​​by up to 10 degrees Celsius.

Specifically, it warns that Friday will be a very hot day in the Guadalquivir valley, where they will reach more than 40ºC.

‘Alex’, despite his distance, will begin to be noticed from Wednesday, since the second half of the week the temperatures will rise even more. Thus, as an extratropical cyclone, it will reach the vicinity of Iceland and the British Isles by Friday. From there it will affect the Peninsula indirectly, as it will push an anticyclonic ridge with warm air towards the European continent.

In addition, the “Iberian oven” will start up again and the Peninsula will “manufacture its own heat”: on Thursday the values ​​will rise on the Atlantic side and will reach 40ºC in Córdoba and Seville, while in various points of the southern half and in areas of Gran Canaria the maximum temperatures will be between 34 and 37ºC.

On Friday, temperatures will rise in a general way on the Peninsula and in the Balearic archipelago, except in the Strait and points in the extreme north, where they will drop. In the Guadalquivir valley and in the Guadiana valleys it will reach 40ºC, while in various interior areas and the southern half it will exceed 35ºC. On the Cantabrian slope and the north coast of Galicia, the rains and the cool atmosphere will continue, while in the Canary Islands the trade winds will stand out.

If the situation continues, throughout the peninsular interior the daytime values ​​will be 10ºC above the usual temperature for the dates.

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