An expert report on the Volkswagen T Roc vehicle, owned by Óscar SM, the main suspect in the disappearance and death of the resident of Traspinedo (Valladolid) Esther López, has confirmed the “manipulation” carried out on the tourism navigation equipment.

Although the final report is at the expense of “two questions” relating to the analysis of the car navigation module that was sent to the manufacturing company in Germany, specifically to Dresden, for an exhaustive examination, the expert from the company SEADA, who carried out a first diagnosis, has already transmitted to the head judge of Investigation number 5 that the first hypotheses seem to be confirmed, that is, that said system was manipulated.

This is what the person in charge of SEADA points out through a letter in which he is convinced that the analyzes that are followed in Germany, which have been complex, will help with the case and with the reading of the navigation team, as reported to Europe Press legal sources.

In fact, in the absence of a couple of questions and the receipt of a final report from Germany, the SEADA expert – a company specializing in the technical verification of vehicles and a collaborator of the State Security Forces and Bodies – anticipates the judge “clear and confirmed” manipulation of the T Roc’s navigation system.

“Two dates are shown on which a deletion of all vehicle faults is made, the attempt to create a new key and its unsuccessful programming”, specifies the expert, who adds that, on the other hand, “it remains pending response from the equipment manufacturer on when the main user is used for the first time on the equipment and if the navigation system was not activated at any time or, on the contrary, it was deactivated by the user, since no positions have been found GPS in the multimedia device”.

In his communication to the instructor, the expert begins his brief by expressing his apologies for the delay in responding to his request and justifies said delay in the fact that he has been providing training to the State Security Forces and Bodies and combining this expert opinion with that carried out in other cases, such as the death of two 70-year-old women in Sanchinarro (Madrid) and the analysis of a tourism used in a settling of accounts with gangs from the East.

The notification of the SEADA expert to Instruction 5 once again places Óscar SM, the main suspect in the violent death of Esther López de la Rosa, the resident of Traspinedo (Valladolid) in the eye of the hurricane, whose body was found on February 5 in the ditch of a town road, 24 days after his disappearance on the night of January 13, 2021.

The investigation of the Civil Guard places him as the main suspect, despite the fact that Óscar himself, in his first and only statement before the judge on April 25, maintained his innocence and insisted that around 03:00 at night of cars left Esther López alive after she got off her car, while regarding the alleged contradictions incurred to date, she limited herself to indicating with a “I have no explanation” or “it can’t be”.

The person under investigation is at liberty, in accordance with the position of the prosecutor in the case and with the opposition of the attorney for the private prosecution and representative of the family of the deceased, who unsuccessfully requested his entry into provisional prison, subsidiarily avoidable prison on bail of 60,000 euros or his detention for three days.

The initial investigations indicate that the victim was run over that night and that the impact was “at medium or low speed”, without the blow, fundamentally at the height of the left buttock, having sufficient force to cause his death, produced a posteriori by a possible conjunction of factors such as shock and hypothermia.

Among those investigated, in addition to Óscar S.M, the last one who supposedly saw her alive when he got her out of his vehicle, are also residents of Traspinedo Ramón J.G.F, the only one who was deprived of liberty for almost a week, and Lucio Carlos G.D.

Meanwhile, the investigation of the case continues without so far being able to clarify the death and the perpetrator, when next June 13 it will be four months since the location of the young woman’s body.

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