New wake-up call from the Supreme Court to the political forces for the blockade of the General Council of the Judiciary that has had an expired mandate since December 2018 and, in particular, to the Executive of Pedro Sánchez.

The Government Chamber of the High Court has agreed this Monday to address the General Council so that it transmits to the Congress of Deputies and the Senate its “deep concern” because the lack of renewal of the governing body of the judges and the legal impossibility of making appointments discretionary, are creating a situation that, if continued, “will be unsustainable”.

In a statement, the Government Chamber emphasizes that the gradual increase in vacancies that cannot be covered reduces the ability of the Supreme Court to fulfill the function that the Constitution and the laws entrust to it and in a short time it will suppose extraordinary difficulties for its operation.

The magistrates of the High Court decide to make a move after the Executive has reported that it will again modify the Organic Law of the Judiciary but only so that the CGPJ appoints the two magistrates of the Constitutional Court that corresponds to it, thus promoting the ideological change in guarantee court.

Legal sources explain that this issue was not on the agenda for this Monday’s meeting but it has been decided to include it in the time for questions and answers due to the outrage within the TS with the legal change promoted by Moncloa.

Sources from the Government Chamber consider this position of the Executive Power unacceptable where the Supreme Court is “none” to the detriment of the citizen, who is the one who suffers the consequences of the inability of the CGPJ to appoint its judges.

As EL MUNDO reported this Monday, there is deep discomfort in the Supreme Court over the Moncloa maneuver since they consider that the Government’s counter-reform “supposes a total disregard for the constitutional role played by the Supreme Court.”

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