The National Court has once again stopped the investigation into the possible illegal financing of Podemos opened as a result of the statements of the former head of Venezuelan military espionage Hugo ‘el Pollo’ Carvajal.

The Third Criminal Section has estimated the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office against the actions of the judge in the case, Manuel García Castellón, and has ordered the procedure to be archived. The court agrees with the Public Ministry in that the proceedings it has ordered are “prospective” and have no basis to justify them in the elements gathered in the investigation, as reported by and sources from the Court have confirmed.

This is the second time that the Chamber rectifies the court. In the first, it left him little room to continue investigating, preventing him from taking steps that he no longer saw as justified. The magistrate continued to investigate and now the Chamber presided over by Alfonso Guevara concludes that he must file the investigation that pointed out that Podemos would have received funds from Venezuela in the beginning.

The judge had tried to clarify whether former leaders of the formation such as Juan Carlos Monedero and Carolina Bescansa had received Chavista funds. The court considers that the investigation of his economic activities is an interference with his rights that is not sufficiently justified.

The police reports that have reached the Central Court of Instruction number 6 to date have been supporting the statements about illegalities denounced by Hugo Carvajal.

In a former high position with Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro, later at odds with the regime and fled to Spain, he offered the judge the information to try to stop his extradition to the United States. The delivery is approved, but the multitude of resources of his defense continues to hold back his execution. Before collaborating, Carvajal fled from Justice, but was located hidden in an apartment in Madrid.

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