The judge in the Plus Ultra case has rejected the airline’s request to revoke its indictment for having occurred outside the maximum investigation period of 12 months without an extension having been issued. Both the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office had supported Plus UIltra’s thesis.

In a brief order issued this Friday, Judge Esperanza Collazos affirms that the maximum period of investigation must be computed from the moment of the accusation, because it is from then on that the rights of the person under investigation are affected. She cites in support of it a circular from the Prosecutor’s Office and jurisprudence of the Supreme Court and the Court of Strasbourg.

The judge also highlights the delay that the case has suffered due to the fact that the company has appealed all the resolutions that were being issued.

“In the present case, an appeal was filed even against the order that initiated the procedure, practically each and every one of the resolutions issued by this Court in the spirit of the obligatory investigation of a criminal case, have been appealed and it is not until day May 25, 2022 in which a criminal action is directed against a person, […] at which time the term will begin to run, “says the order.

“And all of this,” he adds, “for the sake of that balance between the constitutional guarantees of defense of the investigated person, who will be able to offer the court her version of the facts if that is her wish, and the right to delimit the process in certain times. “.

In addition to the appeal before the judge herself against her summons as investigated, Plus Ultra has also appealed, so the decision will be reviewed by a section of the Provincial Court

Court 15 of Madrid investigates the alleged irregularities in the granting of public aid of 53 million euros to the company through Sepi. Both the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office have once again requested the filing of the case, in which the popular accusation is brought by Clean Hands, Vox and the PP.

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